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"There are ~20 published reviews of my book, but this one must be THE BEST! THANK YOU."
Edzard Ernst

"Best blog of the day IMHO."
Simon Singh

"This blogpost is simply brilliant."
Mark Burnley

"You are a rude argumentative bully. You are a typical "skeptic" - not sceptical at all."
Andrew, anti-vaxer

"Your piece about House of Commons Science and Technology sub-Committee’s ‘evidence check’ on homeopathy was one of the best I’ve seen. Strength to your elbow."

" individual calling themselves ‘scepticat’ or ‘sceptikat’- a highly volatile dictatorial site run by a wannabe megalomaniac. A truly disturbed person with a anger management issue venting via their little site to their own personal herd of sycophants."
Centella, one of Dr Andrew Jones personal herd of sycophants.

"Excellent report, which I can vouch for completely."
Jack of Kent

"The ludicrous nature of the complaint, and some of the responses by Dr Ranj and the BBC, has already been expertly documented on the Skepticat UK blog".
Dean Burnett

"Choke on your own vomit and die in agony..."
r wesley edwards, aka @CommonCormorant, author

"A very good rebuttal…"
Anna Watson, anti-vaxer Arnica UK

"A staggering amount of pathological disbelief allied with a staggering amount of arrogance."
Antony J Palmer, homeopath

"I just love this blog, and this post is a fine example of it’s content – ‘Inside the spine wizard’s den’ – Skepticat. Why do some of us feel that we are above challenging argument and peer review? I just wish that I could write as well as some of these bloggers!"
Jonathan Hearsey, osteopath

"Skepticat is a particularly venomousness (sic) skeptic, a humanist who lives by the "golden rule", she refused to let me follow her on twitter because I am "bonkers" which may endear her to many in the chiropractic profession..."
Richard Lanigan, chiropractor

Facebook image helpfully captioned by Sandra A Hermann-Courtney (@brownbagpantry)

"Die Die die die!"
r wesley edwards, aka @CommonCormorant, author

"Loved that article. It really shows what chiropractors are really all about. What I call the "chiro show" Exposing people to totally unnecessary X-rays should be criminal. Thank you!"

"I think skepticat is plain mad at not having children of her own. Hatred projected out to the world. It's sad to see someone with so much self hatred, destroying themself internally without even realising it."
Bebo, chiropractor (Note: In fact I'm the proud mother of two brilliant children, whom I mention frequently. Glad of the excuse to do so again.)

"Hooray for Reason! Just want to thank you for writing this. Even though the arguments presented are tired, and played out, they still must be refuted."

"I understand that you have been traumatised by your experience and that this is your way of coming to terms with the emotional scars."
Stefaan Vossen, chiropractor

"All you really seem interested in is banging your repetitive drum and preaching to the converted."
Rick, osteopath

"All the entries I’ve read are excellent. I’ll be coming back to read more. Love the cat logo as well."

"Research in Homeopathy Conference - Skepticat's hilarious account. She went to it."
David Colquhoun

"Her site is Skepticat UK... she wouldn’t know a punchline if it raped her. Or maybe she’d thank it."
Scott Cappurro, comedian

"I rather love the lunacy of the anti-Homeopathists, such as yourself."
James Pannozzi, acupuncturist & would-be homeopath

"Good blog from a skeptic which examines the "science" of Homeopathy in a very detailed way. Skeptics will love this. Proponents of homeopathy? Not so much."

"I really shouldn’t waste my valuable time with someone who obviously has at the very least a borderline personality disorder."
Erika Alisuag, homeopathist

"I’m finding it difficult to come up with some suitable words to say how good and interesting your stuff is. So, in the absence of suitable hyperbole can I say what a very well written and presented blog you have here. Really well thought out and researched. And passionate about it too! Complimenti!"

"You’re whole life is worthless because you lack reason."
Antony J Palmer, homeopath

"Great stuff Skepticat."

"When you have learnt some big words and also studied your history books you’ll find that the world was once thought to be flat…by people just like you."
Sarah Hamilton, homeopath

"Thanks for keeping the banner of reason flying high."
John Willis Lloyd

"This is just a general comment. I love this well-written an unfussy little blog (I don’t mean little in a derogatory way, but in the sense it’s not bombastic, self-important and posturing). Excellent material and a worthwhile focus, keep up the good work."

"Her website is a temple to diatribe – I have no sympathy for the homeopaths, etc, with whom she battles, but she clearly gets off on confrontation."
JF Derry

"Skepticat is strictly logical and attacks in unparliamentary words what she deems to be “quackery” – or suggestions that she sounds a little strident."
Andy Reporter

"LOVE the badass attitude! Seriously...KEEP IT UP!"

"You were a playful little diversion for a. moment, but I do have better things to do with my time than waste more than half an hour of it stooping down to play your ego supporting self delusional mind games……"
Susan Elizabeth, homeopathist

"An excellent read, thanks for taking thr time to compose it."
Alan C

"You need to do a course in anger management."
katenut, nutritionist

"FWIW I think you manage your anger rather well...mostly by focusing it into a thin, narrow beam of incisive rage which you then use to inscribe words on screen. ;)"

"Excellent description of the events."
Simon Perry

"You seem to be of probably well-meaning, but bigoted and fundamentalist disposition, just parroting slogans from others without any really knowledge or insight yourself."
Neil Menzies

"Superb, as usual"

"You seem only interested in ranting against an enemy which you are apparently still struggling to come to terms with “fifteen years” later."
Rick, osteopah

"Bravo, great post!"

"One day if you are not very careful you will be left behind in the dark ages. I’m sure this will not be printed..but hope it is read by you poor little scaredy cats."
Sarah Hamilton, homeopath

"Brilliant piece!"

"While you babble on like a total airhead about Myhill, you ignore the real doctors who are a danger in the UK".
struck-off doctor, Rita Pal, 'NHS whistle-blower'

"I sincerely hope I never get to your stage of wilful ignorance. You know absolutely diddly squat about the subject but you think your opinion is the only opinion."
Antony J Palmer, homeopath

"Keep up the spin, you manky old chicken's foot."
JB, chiropractor

"I am forced to conclude you are blogging on behalf of a specific entity that does wish to remain anonymous."
Antony J Palmer, homeopath

"The person writing all this negative press on homeopathy must be getting a big fat check from one of the pharmaceutical companies who would dearly love to push homeopathy off the map."
Erika Alisuag

"Such reporting lands you clearly in the realm of fundamentalist extremism–much noise, no substance, and money from those who have something to sell. It is so unfortunate that your listening skills are in need of repair."
Tanya Marquette, homeopath

"She seems to revel in presenting the many insults that she has attracted as a column of “Quackolades” on her site, as if war wounds on display,"
JF Derry, self-publicist

"Oh shut up SK. You write hot air and spew rubbish as usual."
Rita Pal again.


Let this serve as a warning to anyone else trying to pull a fast one on readers here.

Sandra A Hermann-Courtney (@brownbagpantry) is, like many a member of the cult of homeopathy, a very nasty piece of work. Typical of her style is the very first comment she has ever posted on this website, which was beneath this blog and which says, “Those who oppose homeopathy are nothing more than well-funded and highly-organized disinformation operations in full-swing throughout the internet. From forums to comment boards and even professional websites that have only one purpose: Defame, distract, and destroy the truth.”

That comment is very similar to other comments she has posted elsewhere, including her own blog, so it was something of a surprise that she would come back the next day and post a second comment claiming this:

“This is an actual post by me. I never posted any other comment on this site. The supposed comment by me (above) was added by someone who controls this site so that the members here would have a reason to post their childish comments. Not working. Just another example showing the ends to which you will reach to manipulate the truth. Guess this will be deleted. Better take a screen shot.”

When challenged about this behaviour (on a different website), she repeated this lie saying,

“I never wrote or posted that first comment. The choice of words, the phrases and punctuation, including the dashes between words is not my style. Further, I keep everything that I post in my files. Guess what, that comment is not in my files.

Your tactics are exposed, again.”


I know that nobody who matters believes her and I don’t have to do this but to hell with it, why shouldn’t I when she persists in claiming that I wrote a despicable comment and attributed it to her? Here are the screenshots from the back end of this website, showing the ip and email addresses she posted BOTH comments from.





Edited to add:  By the way, with reference to Sandra’s protestation that she doesn’t use dashes between words, a quick skim through her website reveals the following examples: cyber-bullying, woo-woo, snake-oil, dis-allowed, 10-year. I’ve captured the page here.

14 Responses to Troll

  • Homeopathists in “lying through teeth” shock. Pictures at eleven…

  • Oh dear. Our dear friend Sandra has some explaining to do. My guess is we will never hear a peep from her.

  • Why was it necessary to post an image of my personal email address? Please respect my privacy and remove it.

    • Why was it necessary? Well, your email address is in the screenshots I had to post in order to clear my name of the malicious and deceptive act you carried out yourself and then publicly and falsely accused me of. The screenshots show that both comments were posted with the same email address and the same IP address, proving that both comments were posted by you. You can’t say I didn’t warn you.

      Your request that I respect your privacy is, in the circumstances, as screamingly funny as the fact that you have posted a picture of Jamie Lee Curtis on your blog and put my name under it. As you have tweeted this page to your 300+ followers, I’m disinclined to believe that sharing your email address bothers you that much.

  • One final (I hope) comment, I am amused to see that Sandra has deleted all her comments on the Amazon thread. It seems that commenting and then changing her mind about her comment is a habit of hers. I have them all on the email notifications, however, just in case I need to refer to them in future.

    It also seems she finally got the message that I am not Jamie Lee Curtis and she has removed Jamie’s photo from her rogue’s gallery of anti-quack campaigners. But I’ve kept a copy as a souvenir. 🙂

  • Wow, Sandra gets around, doesn’t she!

    She’s trolling over at Science Based Medicine, claiming that medicine has failed because only sugar pills could treat her psychosomatic illness.

    Oddly enough though, she cannot produce a single piece of scientific evidence to back up her claims. Not an iota.

  • Amazingly, she virtually repeated the-post-which-was-not-really-hers almost word for word three months later on


    “They cannot speak from a position of authority. Not one of them is a homeopathic patient, a homeopath, a physician, qualified research scientist, pharmarmaceutical (sic) chemist or a member of any professional health care science profession.”

    (Also deleted a couple of her posts then blamed it on the Telegraph’s moderator, too. Deranged.)

  • Weird how Sandra claims that her critics don’t “speak from a position of authority” for a variety of reasons. Another epic fail. She includes my name on that latest montage on Twitter – and my avatar. It’s clearly escaped her attention that I’m a fully GMC registered medical doctor in the UK. However, judging by what she’s written in many different forums and on Twitter, evidence is clearly not one of her strong points. Her evidence is, I’m afraid to say, homeopathically dilute.

  • Sandra hits a new low:

    “Homeopathy patients live longer. Con med users will die off first It’s gonna B great!”


    Edited: Well fancy that – she’s deleted that particular tweet. Good job I kept a screen shot.

  • I’ve been meaning to update for a while. It seems poor Sandra Courtney has never got over my exposing her as a despicable liar and is hellbent on revenge. No doubt she wishes she never tried on that particular scam in the first place but she can’t let it go and frequently resorts to trying to get my twitter account banned. Unsurprisingly, some of her equally unscrupulous quack shill friends fall for it. Here are a few tweets I captured a couple of months ago. I’d never heard of @Hope324 and certainly didnt follow her so being blocked by her doesn’t exactly break my heart, obviously.

  • Glad to see you are still posting an occasional blog. I have always enjoyed your point of view. Very educational.
    My problem criticizing homeopaths is most people in the US conflate it with herbalist. It takes so long to explain the magic and dilution factor their interest has waned.
    At least homeopathic products are usually labeled if you take a magnifying glass to the pharmacy with you.
    Have a good new year and if possible blog more frequently.

    • Thank you so much, Jim. Yes, I’ve discovered this confusion about homeopathy on twitter. So many people seem to think it means remedies you can prepare at home from herbs. I usually refer them to the victims page of my homeopathy website in the hope of giving them a short, sharp shock.

      I should blog more but seldom feel fired up enough these days. We’ll see how things go. Happy new year to you and thanks again for your kind comment.

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