Scott Capurro: the cremation

Hey, I’ve arrived! A celebrity (well, sort-of, he’s been on TV), who didn’t like what I wrote about his excrutiatingly awful gig back in July, has penned a petulant little post on his blog about me in return. Credit where it’s due, however. Unlike his stand-up performance in Belsize Park, in his blog post Scott Capurro actually proves he can come up with a funny line or two. And I’m not being sarcastic!

I love his description of this blog:

It’s some girl site warning other girls about the evils of homeopathy and, apparently, me.

He’s flattering himself a bit here, though. My review of his act (which I really enjoyed writing and am grateful for an excuse to revisit) was impulsive — I was trying to salvage something from a wasted evening. I don’t consider Capurro to be in the same league as homeopathy. He isn’t evil and nobody is going to die of anything watching him. Except boredom, perhaps.

But my favourite bit is his riposte to my comparing him to a “saddo in a dirty raincoat getting off on revealing his willy to an unsuspecting crowd, whose unappreciative reaction makes him want to jerk off even harder.”

I know. If only. This quote makes my set seem MUCH sexier than it is.

Now that was funny — and Scott’s response almost as funny. Why couldn’t he have been like that at the gig I paid to see?  The answer is that, as far as he is concerned, he was doing comedy but that Skepticat

wouldn’t know a punchline if it raped her. Or maybe she’d thank it.

Spookily, the night of that dreadful gig, I was in a room packed with people who apparently wouldn’t know a punchline if it raped them (even though we were gagging for one). That might just be the reason why, by the end of the gig, most of us had walked out.

All’s well that end’s well, however. Something I wrote in a hurry bugged its target enough to draw a…let’s say unappreciative response as much as two months later. It feels even better than winding homeopaths up. And I’ve Scott Capurro to thank for that.

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